Bedouin Hire Pretoria

How specific tent hire in Pretoria can add a unique touch to your event

Many people choose to organise events in outdoor venues and when you choose the location with care, it can provide an interesting backdrop for your party or special occasion. If you are organising an event/party outdoors, one of the first things you would have to plan is the kind of shelter you want installed.

Bedouin Hire PretoriaWhile it’s great to conduct events and parties in an open-to-the-sky area, you need to have some shelter in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. The best way to cover your bases is to call Affinity Events for Bedouin Hire in Pretoria. We are one of the most reputed companies in this field! We provide excellent event hire solutions for weddings, anniversaries, private parties, corporate events and larger business events as well.

The uniqueness

While it’s true that many party and event organisers get tent installations, most of these are standard tents in regular shapes and sizes. While we do offer those, our Bedouin Hire in Pretoria solutions are now in high demand. These tents are very different from the former. They are stretchable and are installed using support poles of varying lengths; this is what lends them their unique appearance and they look luxurious and distinctive all at once.

Regardless of the event, you need Bedouin Hire Pretoria for, we can provide you with the best solutions at the most cost-effective pricing. To add that special touch to a wedding venue, corporate/branding event or even a private party, simply call us with your requirement; we provide impeccable service and customised solutions.

Some considerations for Bedouin Hire Pretoria

Our experts would need some information about the event and will ask for details such as:

  • We would need to know the purpose of these tents and the venue the event is going to be held at. The theme of the event and the kind of activities to be held there will decide what the shape and styling of the Bedouin tent will be.
  • As mentioned earlier, these installations are made using a stretchable and highly resilient fabric. We can create tents with the right amount of interior space; the tents will be structured as per the local regulations.
  • We also ensure you get tents in colours that are in sync with the theme of the event or party.

For any more information about our Bedouin Hire in Pretoria, call Affinity Events at 012 370 2526. You can also request a quote through this online form or via email.

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