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Bedouin tent hirePeople are increasingly opting to hold events and parties in outdoor locations. While that adds a distinct allure to the event, it’s also important to ensure that you have the right shelter. This is exactly why Bedouin Hire has now become the latest trend. We at Affinity Events offer you the best solutions for bedouin hire at pricing that will pleasantly surprise you.

We understand that you want tents that are functional and stylish too; it’s why we provide excellent Bedouin Hire. These stretch tents are suitable for any event, occasion or party and you will find that we provide unmatchable service.  Regardless of whether you need these stunning tents for a wedding, a branding event or a corporate party, you are sure to find something that suits your requirement.

Factors to consider

We are committed to ensuring that your event moves forth without a glitch. As long as you opt for Bedouin Hire from us, you are assured of prompt and expert services at the best possible pricing.  There are a few things we would need to know before we provide the tents you need:

  • The purpose of the Bedouin tent- This is a major aspect in identifying which type of tent will match your requirements. Apart from just  the type of tent, what you have to  think about is the venue at which the event is to be held; the manner  in which the setting will work, the  theme of the event  and whether there are going to be multiple activities held at the venue, on that  day
  • The shape of the tent- Bedouin tents are very different from standard ones. They are made of stretchable material and so we can achieve different shapes by stretching them over poles of various heights. That can create a very distinctive look at your venue. We ensure that these tents are structured in-line with the regulations and that they provide sufficient interior space.
  • Colour of the tent– This is one aspect you should pay extra attention. For instance, many people prefer to have white tents for weddings. Apart from the fact that they are occasion-appropriate, they also lend a brighter, livelier and expansive look to the venue. If the chosen venue is in an area that has more vehicular traffic, or if the event is going to be held over a few days, you would have to take the dirt and dust factors into account; opting for a grey or different coloured tent might be a better option. Keep the overall theme of the event in view, while choosing a certain colour for the Bedouin

Our experts will work very closely with you, to ascertain what your specific requirements are, and then provide solutions that are right in line with your needs. For bedouin hire we serve customers in and around Phoenix and Pretoria, Centurion as well as Johannesburg and other areas.

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For any additional information about our Bedouin Hire, simply call us at this number: 012 370 2526. Feel free to request a quote for bedouin hire via this online form.  You can also request for information via email.

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