How To Choose A Tent For Your Event

Choose Tent For Event in Garden

Tents can be a crucial part of outdoor events and can make or break your birthday celebration or wedding party. Here are some considerations to make when looking to choose tent for your party:

Consider size – Choose tent wisely

You will need a tent that can fit the size of your location and comfortably house your catering, your guests, and everything else that will need to be under your roof. Depending on your party and what you will be providing such as food or a dancefloor, all these need to be considered when looking at the size of tents. Once you figure the size, add a little extra just to be sure. It’s always best to have too much space rather than not enough when you choose tent.

The surface of your venue

Consider what kind of surface this event will be on. Whether it’s gravel or soil, it is an important consideration to make sure the tent can be anchored correctly. There are different methods of anchoring tents in the sand as well as in stone or asphalt. Check with the grounds manager or anyone managing the site to find out what is under the ground as well.

Easy access

Tent equipment can be really heavy. After all, it isn’t only the tent itself. There are also the poles along with the tables, chairs, DJ equipment, and everything else you will need for your event. If there is no easy access, it may cost you more in labor since the movers will have to cart the equipment over a longer distance.


You must also consider the environment of the site. For instance, strong winds or proximity to a body of water may have an impact on the type of tent you get. There are measures you can take to protect your event and guests from these things.

For wind, you may have to add walls or stakes. Sliding walls can help protect your guests and your equipment from unexpected weather conditions. You will also want to make sure that trees and power lines will not interfere with the top of your tent. It’s a good idea to have a technician inspect the site so that you can prepare beforehand for any conditions you might need to make adjustments for.

Power Source

All these lights, the DJ station, and hot plates to keep the food warm will all require electricity. Make sure you talk with the technician to figure out how you will bring power to your tent.


Getting creative with decorations is the fun part of hosting an event. Tents can be decorated in many ways with lighting and props. You can even connect them with the nature outdoors. Most events that are held outdoors under a tent will follow a minimalistic style with light monotone colors and rustic accessories. Decorate your ceiling with pretty little lights for a cozy ambiance.


Consider your guest list and seating arrangement as tent capacities can vary based on multiple factors. This will dictate the flow of your event. Tables and chairs should match the overall aesthetic of the event. The table itself, the tablecloth, the cutlery, and silverware will all add to the vibe of the place. Seat guests accordingly and make sure their placement makes sense.


Consider where everyone will park their cars and how they will get to the venue. Think about the lighting of the parking lot and the route people will take to get there. The walk from your guests’ car to your event should be well-lit and should not be too far. You don’t want your guests to have to drive through mud or walk through wet grass in the dark, so be sure to make adjustments to accommodate convenient parking.

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