How to Have a Great Seating Setup for Your Event

Great Seating Setup on Event

Organizing an event is no easy affair. Organizing an incredible one that your guests will never forget is a lot less so. Be it a house party or a wedding reception, you need to invest quite a lot of time and effort to ensure that your party is a success.

If you do not have the time and patience, you can always rely on event rentals in your area to take care of at least a part of your to-do list. However, there are still going to be certain things that need your attention. Party tables and chairs being one of them.

In this article, we have listed some of the designs that you can choose for your seating setup. Always remember that the comfort and convenience of your guests are one of the prime requisites for everyone to stay and enjoy the party. A nicely decorated table and chair can add a nice pop to an event. So go ahead and experiment! Let’s take a look at five types of seating you could try.

Lounge style

Setting up a lounge area for your event could be something new for many of your guests. A lounge seating is a perfect arrangement for cocktails, galas, and even formal events, especially if quality entertainment is a part of it. It’s also fantastic for casual events. You can place tables and chairs along with a bar or a coffee table to ensure more comfort. This arrangement is also fantastic for an outdoor event like a garden party facing the beach, a pool party, or even an elite club event in a city.

Cocktail style

This is a very common setup for parties. It is used when an event is focused on communication, gathering, interaction, and mingling. The setup includes fewer chairs but has more high tables, also known as cocktail tables where guests with a cocktail drink can just stand around the table to chat. Food includes appetizers and finger foods that are usually carried around by event servers. You can also include high chairs to match your theme and bring about a bistro feel.

Banquet style

A banquet arrangement is a typical table and chair arrangement made for formal events such as an engagement party, corporate parties, wedding receptions, and other similar gatherings. It includes a roundtable where guests are allowed to sit around facing each other so that a smooth conversation can be established. For some extra style, you can accessorize the chairs with themed bows and arrange to have candles as a centerpiece. You can also add other accessories along with it to lend a more magical touch to your party.

Grand imperial style

For a touch of elegance, a long rectangular table is what you should think about. This setup is usually used for dining and entertaining events. They are commonly arranged in rows or in a U-shape. But you can always think of a different design based on what you wanted the venue to look like. Things that make this setup grand are the stand-out centerpieces that come with candles, crystals, flowers, and other elegant decorative items.

Varied style seating setup

If you want the setup to look a little different and suit every one of your guests, consider a varied style seating. If you consider this kind of table and chair set up for your party, you can mix tables of various shapes and length to utilize your space better and provide more convenience to your guests.

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