4 Reasons to Choose a Marquee Tent For Your Winter Wedding

Marquee Tent Winter Wedding

An end-of-the-year wedding is especially magical in many ways. You’ve got the brisk air, the magnificent scenery, and the festive mood of the winter season. With the magical atmosphere, however, comes the stress of organizing your special day and making it enjoyable and comfortable for everyone.

One of the most important parts of wedding planning is choosing the venue. After all, this is the place where you’ll be tying the knot – a place that you’ll hold fond memories of for the rest of your life. With so many incredible venues to choose from, how do you settle on one? Why not consider an outdoor wedding?

Yes, you can have an outdoor wedding even during the winter (assuming you’re getting married in an area where the weather isn’t too extreme). However, you do need a way to protect your guests from the elements. Why not rent a marquee tent? Besides shielding your guests from the weather, there are other reasons that you should choose one for your wedding. Let’s take a look at four.

It shields your guests from the weather

There’s always the fear of having to deal with bad weather on your special day. Unfortunately, you don’t have control over your weather. What you do have control over, however, is your marquee. Choosing a commercial marquee that is durable will help to shield your guests from the weather, whether it’s rain, harsh sun, hail, or even strong wind. This will allow them (and you) to enjoy your wedding worry-free!

It offers you a variety of location options

Want to get married on a beach? Go for it? In the countryside? Why not? A lush wine estate? Sure. You can even get married on a cliff with a magnificent view with a marquee tent. This allows you to enjoy the wedding of your dreams at the location that you want. Its flexibility makes it possible for the marquee to be set up in a variety of locations as long as the surface makes it possible. There are also a variety of sizes that you can choose from depending on your location and the number of guests you plan to host.

It allows you flexibility in decor

Interior venues have a certain atmosphere that may limit your flexibility when it comes to decor. A marquee tent, however, gives you complete flexibility. The colors you choose, the style, the lighting, and even the drapes are under your control. You can also place the dance floor, the food area, and the bar where you want to and arrange the chairs however you’d like.

It costs a lot less than indoor venues – Marquee Tent Hire in Johannesburg

A marquee tent is a lot less expensive compared to renting a venue at a resort, hotel, or country club. You’ve also got a completely bare space that you can customize precisely to your needs. You can choose your own vendors. If you don’t want to, however, many marquee tent companies also offer planning services and will help you look for the right vendors to make your wedding perfect!

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