How to Decorate Your Marquee Hire Perfectly For Your Event

Decorate Marquee For Your Event

Marquee hire can make for a great party. Whether you’re planning a wedding reception, a ball, or a dance, it will definitely be a great experience. Dancing under a beautifully-lit white tent with rustic tables and good music will make for a memorable night.

Flowers and bunting are classic decorations that can add a nice little touch to your marquee. Need some more inspiration? Here are some other ways that you can decorate your marquee:

Make the ceiling look taller

The illusion of higher ceilings will make the tent feel more luxurious and magical. It will also give you the option to add beautiful lighting – a chandelier, perhaps – to look up at. A grand chandelier will really stand out as the centrepiece of your party. Small lighting fixtures will make everything brighter and more beautiful.

Make each step fun

Don’t neglect the floor decoration. Whether you want to just have your party on the grass or want to put in a carpet, make sure to add some texture to each step. You want the space to feel warm, comfortable, and welcoming. A checkered floor can add a more sophisticated look to your space.

The entrance

 You want the front of your party to look just as great from the outside. Your guests should be drawn to a beautiful-looking tent that looks fun to walk into. Flowers and vines can add a rustic effect, and some soft lighting will be like a warm hug. Candle bulbs or tiny fairy lights will make it feel like you’re entering a majestic tea party.

The bar

What’s a party without alcohol? Don’t leave your bar undecorated. Consider putting some polaroid pictures on a string along the sides and decorating the drink bottles with lights. Make your own colourful signature cocktails. It’s a party!

The ceiling

Hang things down from the ceiling. It will make the tent feel taller, and lighting will add a glow to the room. You can also fixate lighting to dimish any darker parts of the room. Lighting is very important when it comes to a marquee party. You want there to be a twinkle wherever you look in the room. This will add a more romantic vibe to the space.


Fairy lights, wood backdrops, and leaves are a great way to make your marquee more vibrant. You want to add a romantic vibe to the room. Sofas, the dining table, and chairs can be decorated as well! Add some cacti or even a small table with a few plants. A corkboard with a Polaroid camera on a table under it can make for some fun memories.

Chill vibes – Marquee Hire Pretoria

You want to have areas where people can just socialize that’s not just at the long dining table. Be sure to create a warm, relaxing space where guests can sit, drink and talk away from the speakers. You want the ambience to remain romantic but also feel laid-back. Don’t neglect the smoking area; be sure to add a few decorations there as well so that smokers can enjoy the outside air and have a place to dispose of their cigarette butts. Be sure to make a well-lit path as well.


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