How to Plan A Marquee Wedding – Our Guide

Marquee Wedding

Your wedding day should be perfect or at least exactly how you’d dream for it to look.  Marquee events are usually elegant and glamorous. If the time has finally come to start planning for your wedding, you could push through with the marquee wedding that you have always wanted.        

There are so many options for marquee events out there, from rustic to traditional styles, so you would want to make sure you find the one that will best suit your wants and needs. Since it is your wedding, you will have control over how everything looks and what features are added to your event. You would want to make sure that you consider every aspect of your event so that you don’t miss a thing. Here are some ways you can wow your loved ones at your marquee wedding:

Create a grand entrance at Marquee Wedding

Your wedding entrance will be the first impression of your marquee event. You want your wedding to be easy to navigate complete with signs and maybe even a carpet entrance. Try to find inspiration for making your event glamorous from the time your guests first step foot into your wedding. Huge water or flower features can also give off a great first impression. Consider your options and think about what will really intrigue your guests and surprise them even when they first arrive.

Don’t forget your floors

It can be easy to forget to decorate your floors since it’s what you will be stepping on. However, it is just as important to decorate your floor as it is to decorate your whole event. The difference in decorating your floor with carpet or even choosing a unique pattern can make a statement.  You might want to consider a checkered or marble dancefloor, and maybe even carpet flooring for the rest of the event. Choose a unique colour option or give the illusion of texture.

Ceiling hangings

Marquee ceilings can be very high, giving you an illusion of a larger venue, no matter where you are throwing your event. This gives you a lot of potential for hanging things down from your marquee ceiling. You might want to add flowers, foliage, fairy lights, or other dim lighting hanging down to enchant your guests and create a more romantic mood. You should also consider a chandelier to make your event look a little more classic.

Lighting options

Depending on the time of your event and what you prefer, you would want to pick out some good lighting to enhance your space. Lighting fixtures can be seen as a decoration piece that is functional to your space. Lower light levels will feel more intimate and romantic, whereas brighter lights might bring more excitement and thus waking up your guests. Again, a chandelier will look beautiful at your marquee event.

Furniture choices

You must make sure that your furniture is more than fitting. It can make or break the look of your event. You need to get sofas, tables, and chairs that fit the overall look of your event and that will enhance your space while remaining functional for guests who would want to sit, as well as for laying food and flowers out.

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