The Advantages of Stretch Tent For Your Events

Stretch Tents For Your Events

If you’ve yet to plan a big event, you might not know much about stretch tents and how versatile they can be. A stretch tent is a lot more than your typical camping tent. They are made from a special stretch fabric. Which means that they are extremely flexible and can be adjusted to be used in many different kinds of events, be it a business event or a wedding.

The tents can be rigged using a method where tension is added to the fabric, allowing pressure onto the poles. You can adjust and make it into the style that you want, depending on the type of event you are using it for. Regardless, the stretch tent will surely make a statement for your event. Here are a few reasons why you need a stretch tent for your event:

They are adjustable

Every event planner wants flexibility. They don’t want to wreck their brains trying to find a new tent every time a new project comes around. With stretch tents, there is no need to worry about replacing the old with the new. Stretch tents enable you to adjust the tent in a variety of ways, depending on the concept you are going for. Most importantly, they will give you more versatility for when you need to adapt and prepare for your next event.

Faster set-up / break-up time

Setting up a tent can be a time-consuming task. While a traditional marquee will most likely take you days to set up, stretch tents can be put together much faster. For larger events, setting up a stretch tent will only take you around 6 hours plus another 2 hours to take it down. This way, event planners can have more time to focus on other aspects of the event. And it can make their jobs go a lot more smoothly.

They can be connected

Not only are stretch tents flexible, but they can also be connected to other tents to create larger structures as well. Even better, these tents have a clean gutter system that will ensure that there isn’t any water seeping through the gaps between connected tents. This is why stretch tents are so popular for bigger events.

They can be branded

Aside from being able to give your event an elegant structure, stretch tents can also give your company more visibility. In short, you can easily advertise your business with stretch tents. Brand your tent using acrylic if it’s a rental. Customize the tent with your company’s name or logo if you plan on purchasing a brand new one. This is a great way to expose your brand as a bonus to the functionality of a roof over your guests.

Atmosphere and creativity outlet

As mentioned, just by having a stretch tent at your event, you will get the elegant atmosphere that you’ve always dreamed of. Other than that, event planners can use their creativity to work as the concept of each program is unique and will differ from event to event.

More advertising

Just as your event planning company can be advertised through the branding of your tent. You can do the same for your clients if they want. Stretch tents can be great for video mapping, projecting logos, and placing images, as well as lasers and lighting. This is perfect for clients who are looking to promote their brands.

Final thoughts on Stretch tents

Looking at these advantages, you can see why stretch tents are such a staple for anyone working in the event industry. If you’re an event planner yourself and you feel like there is something missing in whatever you’re planning right now, perhaps a stretch tent is your missing piece.


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