How to Successfully Plan A Marquee Event in 2019

Beautiful Marquee Event

If you’re thinking about holding a marquee event but you’ve never organized a party under a tent before, it’s time that you get to planning! Depending on the type of party that you want to have, you will need to come up with a theme and figure out how you’re going to decorate for your event. Here is how you can throw a great party that no one will forget:

Create a plan

You want to put effort into making sure the party is a blast. It’s important to give yourself plenty of time to organize your party, book your venue, hire a caterer, and handle any other party plans that you may need to organize.

Figure out your theme

During the planning process, you will want to pick your theme for the party as well as consider what you will need to pay for in order to decorate the room with this theme. Finding an appropriate theme will be up to you and will depend on the type of party that you want to throw. You will want to make invitations, party favors, and maybe some drinks according to the theme.

Book the right marquee

If you are planning to host a marquee event, you need to find the right marquee to accommodate all of your guests and all of the decor. There are so many different kinds of marquees to choose from in a variety of styles and a range of sizes. No matter what type of marquee you choose, make sure that it feels extravagant and will look beautiful with lights.

Decorate creatively

Go crazy with your decorations. Don’t worry about going overboard – it’s pretty hard to overdecorate with a marquee. If you want candles, balloons, and drapes, do it! Decorate your party venue however you want and make sure it looks like the event of your dreams!

Consider the facilities

Outdoor marquees will need a little extra planning when it comes to toilet facilities. You may not want one of those porta-potties that you see in construction sites. There are nicer facilities that you can choose from. Get in touch with a reliable portable bathroom service company. Check out your options, but make sure you do get one because this is important!

Think about dining and seating

You will want to organize tables and seating for meals. Your guests should be able to mingle and sit whenever and wherever they want. If you are planning to have food at your event, you can fill a table with food and provide a dining area for when the food is served.

Hire entertainment

You might want to hire a DJ, band, or any other entertainment to keep people excited throughout your event. This is a great choice for an outdoor marquee. You can organize for there to be a dance floor so that your guests can have fun shimmying and shaking the night away!

Hang glimmering lights

Besides the lighting you will need for functionality, you might also want to decorate your marquee event. You can put a huge chandelier in the middle of the room or beautiful little twinkling lights all around the tent. Your lights will serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, so choose wisely!

Plan the catering for your Marquee Event

You definitely want to make sure that any food you serve is high-quality and delicious. It is crucial that you make sure there is enough for all of your guests. If you are getting a caterer, organize and plan your food layout as well as what type of food and spread you will be serving.


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