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Hire a party tents for any occasion at great price

Hiring a tent is one way to ensure your event gets off to a great start. The beauty of having a temporary venue is that you can pick the exact location you want for your wedding, party, or corporate hospitality meeting. You don’t need to worry about all the complications that come with a traditional fixed function or conference room.

Take your party anywhere

Affinity Events are well aware what you want when you hire a tent or marquee for your special occasions. When you hire a tent from us you are tapping into a wealth of event management expertise.

In fact you can give us a location and an idea and we can set about picking out the quintessential tent and decorating it in exactly the manner you have long imagined.

A full range of tents for any celebration

Hiring of Tents Affinity Events - Tent Hire Johannesburg

Wedding tents and marquees – As a proud ABIA member we specialise in providing wedding venues. If you want a special day the sun will shine on, an exquisite marquee or tent is ideal. We have experience in setting up elaborate and bespoke temporary structures all over Pretoria. Affinity Events will give you an indoor-outdoor experience that will live long in the memory of you and your guests.

A brilliant white marquee which basks in the South African sun is just a phone call away.

What’s more, we don’t simply stop at tent hire. You can rely on us if you want your special day to be dazzling with fine decor, finishing touches and perfect moments. Also, if you need catering equipment at your wedding tent, we can make that happen.

Corporate hospitality – It’s hard to say corporate hospitality without adding the word ‘tent’ to the phase. Nothing seals a deal like a productive afternoon in the sun. We can provide tents to accompany sporting events or to make your company stand out at any industry gathering. As well as the structure itself, Affinity Events can take care of the rest of your hosting, providing appropriate and professional tableware, while delivering on-site catering facilities for a memorable working lunch.

Party tents for any occasion – Whatever your reason is for a celebration, we have a high-quality and visually stunning tent for you. The easiest way to make an occasion special in one simple phone call away.

Get the arrangements underway

Ring Affinity Events Tent Hire Johannesburg for a free no obligation quote today and get your party plans started.

Make a big first impression

Your choice of marquee at Tent Hire Johannesburg is important because of the different roles it may be required to play on your special day.

The size, design and layout of a marquee can present a powerful visual statement. Its shining white presence, rising up and stretching out across a trimmed green lawn will set the scene. Make a big first impression with your guests as they arrive. This is only the beginning…

Stunning interiors and unforgettable experiences – Tent Hire Johannesburg

Marquees at Tent Hire Johannesburg are custom enclosures designed for creating stunning interiors and unforgettable experiences. From entrance to dancefloor –  including dining tables, chairs and custom built staging –  the marquee will need to be ‘dressed’! Transform the space to become your very own palace of vision and inspiration.

Your event marquee is designed to resonate with a shimmering palette of colour-coordinated drapes and decorated furnishing, from ceiling to floor. Chosen table settings and floral displays, ice sculptures. Balloon displays are carefully positioned for maximum effect. Illumination and atmosphere lighting will lend wonder and awe to those finishing touches of décor.

Across every tablecloth and in every corner, everyone is drawn together to share the magic moments that only an open air marquee can truly capture.

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