How To Transform a Marquee Hire Into A Fairytale Wonderland

Marquee - Fairytale Wonderland

Traditional marquees are just dull and boring for special events like a birthday party. Why not think outside the box and spice things up by decorating your marquee with a fairytale wonderland inspired theme?

You are never too old to be a fairytale princess! So get ready because this article will show you how to transform your ordinary marquee hire into a fairytale kingdom! Redecorating your marquee doesn’t have to be difficult. Just follow these steps, and you can have the fairytale party of your dreams.

1. Choose the right drapery color

 Choosing the right drapery colour is important as it will set the tone of the occasion. When you are having a fairytale themed party, you’ve got to select a vibrant colour that will suit your tastes and sense of style. If you like very colourful designs, pink and purple colours are fantastic choices while turquoise and blue have calmer tones, more suited to a grown-up fairytale party.

When hanging the drapes, start from the centre of the marquee and work your way to the side of the walls. Alternate the colours and ribbons together and ensure that the drapes continue going down along the sides of the marquee. If this design is not elegant enough for your liking, try hanging the drapes at an angle and letting them criss-cross each other to get a more patterned look.

2. Create a sky full of stars

A fairytale party needs good lighting, and what is more appropriate than fairy lights? Secure the small lights across the entire roof of the marquee and allow them to run down the walls. This will create the look of stars in the sky as your guests look up and around. Bright white lights with a yellow hue are perfect for this theme. You can make the lights look more like stars by using fairy light that alternates between bulbs to give a sparkling effect.

3. Decorate your tables

 You can make a plain wooden table look more suitable for your fairytale theme by adding appropriate centrepieces. Hang beads and ribbons around white painted branches to mimic the forest of thorns in Sleeping Beauty. Place small lanterns around the centrepiece to ensure it is well-lit. For the menus, use flowing fonts and mottled paper to make it look old and classical. Emphasize the fairytale theme by writing phrases like “Once upon a time” and “Happily ever after” on a painted piece of wood and attach it to a stand. Add decorations like pumpkins, chocolate eggs, and pretty plants to further the theme. Complete the look by sprinkle glitter and butterfly confetti around the table as a finishing touch to bring the theme together.

4. Use fairytale themed props and furniture – Marquee Hire Pretoria

 Perhaps hiring a horse and carriage is excessive. However, there are plenty of other ways to make your party more like a fairytale setting. Stack painted cardboard boxes on top of each other like a castle fort and covered it in vines. Hire a photo booth and place props like fairy wands, tiaras, and crowns around the area for your guests to use. In the common area, put colourful cushions here and there and let your guests sit in style with chairs that are decorated like thrones. This will make for the perfect fairytale party!


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