Reasons Why You Should Have a Marquee Wedding

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Planning your own wedding can be quite frustrating. In fact, it can be downright overwhelming at times to see everything on the to-do list. You will inevitably run into problems. Perhaps the venue is not big enough to hold all of your guests or the owners don’t allow you to install extra spotlights. Fortunately, these venue-related problems will not occur if you choose to have a marquee wedding. When you opt for a beautiful open-air tent, you will be more free and flexible to plan your dream wedding any way you’d like. Here are a few more reasons why you should opt for a marquee wedding:

You can choose your own venue and location

Whether you want the wedding to be held in a flower garden, a green field, or a sandy beach, you can put up a marquee wherever you want. Some couples wish to tie the knot at the place where they first met. However, that dream may not be able to come true if they opt to have a wedding at a church or hotel. Don’t let your dream location be just a dream! Simply pick any venue that geographically works for everyone and set up a marquee right there.

You can pull off any theme you want for your Marquee Wedding

Since a marquee is simply a massive tent, you are free to decorate it in any theme that you’d like. Although a marquee may seem bland and boring with nothing in it, you can pull off some magic by giving it a makeover. It is possible to decorate the marquee in any style that you desire, whether you are dreaming of a modern, classic, fairy-tale, or vintage style wedding. Decorating your own wedding venue is personal, and the guests will get to experience a ceremony planned not only for you but by you.

Aside from getting to choose the theme and decorations, you will also pick everything to go with the theme – cutlery, flooring, tables, and even the dance floor. If you want to make it grand, why don’t you get another tent to create a dance zone and connect it to the main wedding tent? There is no other way to make your wedding more personalised than this. Additionally, think about all of the lighting options that you have. Whether you love magical fairy lights or exquisite pendant chandeliers, the choice is yours. Whatever can enhance and add to the atmosphere in the way that you desire, you can find a way to incorporate it into a marquee wedding.

You can connect the outside to the inside

If you plan on having your wedding outside in a garden full of flower beds, bushes, and ponds, it is clever to connect the outside to the inside by using a clear-span marquee. It’s your choice whether you want the marquee to be transparent only on the sides or on the ceiling as well. The transparent walls and ceilings will give you and the guests the chance to enjoy the surroundings outside without any obstructions.

You don’t have to worry about the space

Too many people for the traditional venue you wanted? Well, this is not a problem for a marquee wedding. There is a variety of designs and sizes of marquees for you to choose from. Any requirements that you have will be fulfilled by this venue choice.

You can plan your wedding on a budget

Weddings don’t come cheap. Since there are many things that you will need to worry about paying for, getting a marquee for your wedding will reduce the costs of the event. If you are low on budget, you can get the size and layout of the marquee tailored to the amount that you can afford.

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