Hiring of Tents for any Family Occasion or Corporate Event

Hiring of Tents

We all know the meaning of “dress to impress!” Nowhere is this more important than in the presentation of your chosen event space. Affinity Events applies the power of transformation to

Hiring of Tents Affinity Events

Hiring of Tents Affinity Events

the hiring of tents at any location and for any occasion. The art of tent hire redefines space to make your vision a magical reality for you and your guests. The fully dressed marquee aims to cast its spell from the moment they arrive and enchant throughout the entire occasion.

Every tent hire is a bespoke solution. Our events team are dedicated to helping you to achieve your vision for your special event. Our customised approach to event space enclosure provides ultimate flexible planning where the type of tent, its size and colour is carefully coordinated to achieve stunning interiors and unforgettable experiences. Affinity Events has continued to ‘dress to impress’ every type of space and always achieve the perfect open-air event.

Marquee Hire Johannesburg

From Gauteng, Pretoria, Centurion and Mpumalanga to the North West and Limpopo provinces, Affinity Events have established an unrivalled reputation for marquee hire Johannesburg and throughout South Africa. Founded in 2000, we have built an experienced team to advise and expertly guide you every step of the way in choosing the best marquee to make a stunning visual statement.

Whatever the type of space to be covered or the number of guests expected, we ensure your occasion, whether a family celebration or corporate event is enclosed by the just the right size, design and layout of a marquee. Every detail is carefully considered, nothing is left to chance.

Affinity Events will colour-coordinate drapes and decorated furnishing from ceiling to floor. Table and chair settings, custom-built staging, floral and balloon displays, and ice sculptures are carefully positioned for maximum effect. Subtle illumination and atmosphere lighting are the translucent finishing touches to elevate the art of marquee hire to exciting new realms of creative possibility.

Stretch Tent for Hire

The South African weather can play a leading role in many an outdoor event. Affinity Events offer an exciting range of stretch tent for hire, which can extend an exterior space or create a totally new space at any elevation. It’s during the long hot days of summer when many weddings, sports meetings, festivals and open-air VIP events are held that stretch tents are the perfect bespoke solution.

A stretch tent is constructed with high tensile super strength fabric, which is not only treated to protect against UV absorption but is also completely waterproof.

Choosing your ideal open-air location can often be extremely demanding to get exactly right. When you hire a stretch tent, you know that space will not just be covered but is endlessly flexible to see your ideas take shape in three-dimensional space. The modular system design enables the internal height to be adjusted for setting up on different levels and integrate with external structures, including natural landscape features such as trees and rock formations.

Available in a range of vibrant colours and sizes, stretch tents can adapt and transform any space, from the smallest backgarden or public courtyard to a large villa rooftop or intimate beach setting.

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