Stretch Tents – Flexible Canopies For Any Size Space

beautiful bedouin tent in pretoria, stretch tent hireLooking for a freestyle alternative to the traditional marquee?  Our stunning range of stretch tents are designed to adapt to any space where your event is to be held.

Quicker and easier to set up, our flexible modular systems of stylish canopies can create an endless variety of dynamic three dimensional structures to cover any size area – and even become part of a building to extend or maximise a particular space. Internal poles can vary the height to also allow a set up on different levels within the tent itself.

When integrated within a garden space they can harmonise with natural features such as, trees, shrubs, foliage and rock formations.

In a magical transformation, the very air, light, colour and movement under the taut fabric is reimagined for the duration of your special occasion, day or night.

Unique tent hire solution

Every event demands its own unique tent hire solution to create an unforgettable, stand out occasion.

The swooping fabric curves reveal exciting new space forms as they scoop the imagined air volumes, playing with daylight and shadow or colour washed by constantly changing mood lighting.

Stretch tents offer the total freedom for clients to choose their exact location and know that the space will not just be covered, but literally reshaped to their own creative ideas.

Stretch tent for hire – perfect on a hot summer day

Over the years, increasing numbers of people will prefer to look for a stretch tent for hire if their event is to be held during one of South Africa’s many long hot summer days.

As one of Johannesburg’s premier tent and marquee suppliers for nearly two decades, we know just how the weather can play a decisive role in the success of any open air occasion, from weddings, receptions, and private parties, to VIP events, sports fixtures, exhibitions and festivals.

Stretch tents can create a space even larger than a marquee tent

Stretch tent fabric is made with high tensile super strength yarns, which are completely waterproof and  treated against UV absorption and protection.

Stretch tents for hire come in a variety of stunning vivid colours and sizes, which can create a space even larger than a marquee tent, and even the smallest suburban garden or courtyard can be transformed into an instant pop up party venue or fantastic family celebration.

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