Table and chair hire in Johannesburg

It doesn’t matter how elaborate the party plans you have in mind are, your guests are bound to be sat down for a significant proportion of the event’s duration. Don’t let stiff legs and aching feet ruin your vibe. If you have chosen to host your event in an outdoor location, making use of a tent or marquee, you are also going need to hire tables and chairs.

The reasons table and chair hire are an event necessity

Remember that tables and chairs have to perform a variety of functions at your party.

  • Table and chair hireThey need to set a tone for the decor. These are often the first things your guests will see when they walk into your venue.
  • Chairs need to be comfortable. There is nothing worse for a guest than knowing that a chair is uncomfortable the moment they sit down – especially when they may need to remain seated for the next few hours.
  • Tables need to be sturdy. You have invested in a sturdy and majestic marquee, so why ruin the luxurious air with tables that are not up to the task?

At Affinity Events, we know that seating arrangements and furniture should not be an event afterthought and that is why this  is an integral part of our event management services.

Let Affinity Events provide you with a seating arrangement that can wow guests

The seating arrangements need not be an issue when you are hiring a marquee. Indeed, when you use the services of Affinity Events we can make your tables and chairs a spectacle in themselves. Bespoke flourishes, chic details and personal touches can all be part of the package, pitching in to fashion the exact atmosphere that you had in mind.

Coupled with clever and thoughtful use of tableware and other decorations, table arranging can be something of fine art – so let us be your artists. If you make people feel comfortable while they are eating, drinking or simply conversing, you have gone a long way to hosting an event that will live long in the memories of your guests.


If you are hosting an event in Pretoria, Centurion or Johannesburg ask us what we can do to help you make it a day or night to remember. Ring us for a free no-obligation quote.

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